It’s not surprising to see beautiful garden in front of an individual houses and it excites us, why we cannot have that at our apartment also? Well, the trend of landscape architecture is catching up in India.

Nowadays, all the major developers are concentrating not only on the quality construction of the project, but they are also interested in offering a beautiful environment to the residents. For this, they are keen on designing landscape architecture. After a long day in office and a long time spent in traffic, even the people want to have a cleaner, greener, and health-oriented home, where they can come back and relax. Hence, developers make sure that the project has a good amount of greenery with themed gardens to make a person feel relax and to rejuvenate his mind.

Why do developers want it?

A well-planned landscape offers pleasure to the family, enhances the neighbourhood and completely transforms the area into a spectacular place. It also increases the property resale value. Nowadays, the project is constructed in such a way that, one can easily enjoy the stunning landscapes from majority of apartments. This kind of design improves the saleability and they can also ask for a premium through PLC (Preferred location charge), which buyers pay it without hesitating. They know that such additional features like a golf course, or a park adds value to the project.

In big metro cities, where there is no land parcel left, if the developer offers beautiful and spacious landscapes then it increases the project’s cost considerably. It may cost the developer an additional Rs. 500 per square feet. But, such landscape brings and added advantage and whatever the extra costs the developer had spent get offsets easily.

Advantages of having landscape architecture
It offer open green areas that can be utilized for many activities:

  • Walk and jogging tracks for a good morning walk
  • Family activities for any functions
  • Outdoor entertaining like barbeque party
  • Dedicated play area for kids
  • Sports and recreation facilities