DIY: How to design your own Terrace garden

Creating a Terrace Garden: A Do-It-Yourself Guide

Imagine a secluded green haven atop your urban dwelling, a charming terrace garden that offers a peaceful escape and a touch of nature amidst the city’s hustle. For those living in high-rise apartments, these rooftop oases are not just fantasies but necessary sanctuaries. The journey to creating your very own terrace garden may seem daunting, but with insights from Mr. Dheeraj Godara of Four Leaf Landscape Pvt Ltd., it becomes a joyous venture into greenery.

Designing Your Space

Every great creation begins with a vision. Start by sketching your terrace space, noting every nook that could potentially become a focal point or a challenge. Remember, this is not about precision but envisioning the potential of your space.

Purpose and Planning

What’s the soul of your terrace garden? A serene corner for relaxation, a lively space for social gatherings, or a lush vegetable and herb haven? Define its purpose as it guides every decision henceforth, from layout to plant selection.

Space Utilization

Now, think spatially. Balance is key—between your chic outdoor furniture and the verdant plant life. Make a wishlist of elements you desire, then trim it down to what’s practical and beautiful.

Plant Selection

Choosing the right plants is crucial. Consider the space available and your local climate. Avoid fast-growing trees in confined spaces and opt for varieties that thrive under abundant sunlight. Remember, some plants may need a shade to protect them from the scorching summer sun.

Planters and Pots

Select planters that complement your space and gardening style. Temporary planters offer versatility and ease of maintenance, ideal for terrace gardens. They also come in various materials, adding an aesthetic touch to your green retreat.


A lush garden requires consistent care. An automated irrigation system is a smart investment, ensuring your plants are hydrated without the hassle, especially when you’re away.

Outdoor Furniture

Choose outdoor furniture that withstands the elements. Materials like bamboo are not only durable but also add a natural charm to your setup. Accessorize with colorful rugs and cushions for an inviting ambiance.

Water Features

A water feature can transform the ambiance with its gentle, soothing sounds. Choose the size and type based on your available space and preference.

Sculptures and Art

Incorporate sculptures to enhance the visual appeal of your terrace garden. Stone sculptures are a classic choice, but feel free to explore other materials and designs that reflect your personal taste.


Soft landscape lighting can make your terrace garden a delightful evening retreat. Avoid overly bright lights as they may hinder plant growth.

Artificial Grass

For a touch of evergreen, consider artificial grass. It’s low-maintenance and instantly adds to the garden’s lushness, perfect for those who find growing natural grass a challenge.

Barbeque Grill

For the culinary enthusiasts, a barbeque grill can be the crown jewel of your terrace garden. Whether electric or manual, compact grills are perfect for enjoying a meal under the open sky.

Your terrace garden is an expression of your creativity and love for nature. With these tips, embark on a journey to create a personal paradise that not only enhances your home but also enriches your urban lifestyle. Enjoy the process and relish the fruits of your labor—a beautiful, blooming terrace garden that is uniquely yours.


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