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Hello, As the name suggests, Landscape irrigation is the method of providing water to a landscape garden. The main aim to install an irrigation system is to provide water to the plants efficiently and timely. This also help in reducing the water consumption to a minimum. Using irrigation systems we deliver water directly to the plant root system. Open pipe watering results in a 30% water loss to evaporation, Modern landscape irrigation systems cuts down on these losses.

Landscape irrigation follows a general rule of watering deep and non frequently. This encourages the plants and trees to develop deep root systems, thus making them more resilient to drought conditions and dry season. Similarly the duration of irrigation depends on the nature of the soil in the garden. If the soil is sandy lesser water will seep deeper and if the sand is denser and clayier the water will seep lesser. But on the other hand clay soils have a much higer water retention capacity. Before deciding the duration of irrigation several factors are taken into consideration like soil density , water retention capacity and the age of the plants growing in the garden landscape to be irrigated.

There is no replacement of top irrigation for lawns and dense grasses, Shurbs, herbs , vegetable and fruit trees respond well to drip irrigation systems. In these kind of top water irrigation systems, the methods are properly calibertaed so as there is no loss of water from run off and evaporation.

Besides Water conservation the main advantage of landscape irrigation systems is functionality and control. We can control the water amount and fertilizer for individual plants according to their type,age and requirement. Making changes to the system is also not difficult, just change a few lines and adjust the valves and you are good to go.

Four leaf landscape provides complete landscape irrigation system installations. Ranging from designing to execution we prefer to install automated irrigation systems for all our projects. These irrigation systems are value for money and return good value in terms of waters savings and low plant maintenance costs for years.

Benefits Of Landscape Irrigation Systems

Value for landscaping budget

Save Time & Money

Landscape Irrigation systems streamline and organises wtaring and fertilization of your landscape areas. These systems helps to deliver water and nutrients as per requirement in a scheduled manner. This results in saving a lot of manual labour and efforts. Thus saving a lot of time, efforts and money. Irrigation systems make sure that the needs of plants and garden are met timely in a proportionate manner thus resulting in lus lawns and blooming landscaping.

Fixed Delivery timelines

Increase Property Value

As per real estate experts the value of a property increses substantialy having lush and vibrant landscaping. Irrigation system help you achive that by providing a cost efficient and hassle free landscape maintenance schedule.With the labour costs, time and resources an irrigation system helps you save, you can invest in other beautification and luxury aspects of the property. This will enhance your comfort and inturn the overall value of the property. 

Extensive landscape warranty

Conserve Water

Landscape Investing in an irrigation system is the smartest landscaping decision one can make. Besides conserving water, irrigation system help to curb dust, reduces noise and eliminate chemical runoff completely. Smart irrigation systems carefully dispense precalculated volumes of water so as to result in minimum water wastage.Irrigation systems resilt in conserving more than 50% of your water consumption.



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